Ana Barbara “Yo Soy La Mujer”

Ana Bárbara  is a Mexican Latin Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, and Grammy-nominated recording artist. Since her professional debut in 1994, she has become a prominent figure withinLatin music entertainment.

Recognized for her musical talent as well as her sex appeal, Ana Bárbara became popular in the mid-’90s and was crowned La Reina Grupera, for she has not only dominated the Grupero movement, but is one of the driving forces behind the style’s realization. With a distinct vocal range, songwriting and producing talent, Ana Bárbara has defined the modern Grupero performance and is one of the few Regional Mexican acts to garner an international following that extends beyond México and the United States.

Presenting her New Album ” YO SOY LA MUJER” the First Week of December 2013 @ Conga Room, Los Angeles CA.




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